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Helpful Hints for Stewarding a Meet
Updated 11 - 4 - 2023

1. Please volunteer.  That may involve you volunteering, you being asked to steward or being volunteered by someone else. In our case usually the partner!!!
2.Liaise with Martin Whitaker (Sites officer) for contact details for the venues of the meet.
Mob 07738 833604

3. It is advisable to make contact with the landowners approx a week before your meet to confirm that all is well. Also to ask if they can contact you straight away if a problem with the venue arises.
4.Put signs out on the road to guide people in. Posts must be at least a metre away from the road/pavement.
5. When units arrive take their name, unit registration number, membership number, nights staying, type of unit, total cost. It is normal for payment to be made on arrival but this can be flexible.
6.There is NO obligation to organise any entertainment either during the day or in the evening. If there is entertainment in the evening it must finish at 11pm. (This is a CCC rules.) Only exception is New Years Eve.
7. The named stewards (two couples during the Covid pandemic ) have a free weekend.
8. However it is appropriate for the stewards to provide tea, coffee and biscuits at coffee   morning. Hopefully the stewards will receive the bag of goodies prior to their meet. All effort is put into getting said bag to the next meet, however this doesn’t always happen.
9. Again all effort is put into passing on the signs, posts and flag to the stewards, if this is paramount it can be useful if you can attend the meet prior to your meet.
10. A raffle is usually held by the stewards with members attending donating prizes but please remember this is completely voluntary. If raffle tickets are required then please contact a member of the committee to see if any available. This may mean you have to purchase a book. One book is all that is required.
11. We have received notification from the Camping and Caravanning Club that e-cigarettes are classed as the same rules regarding cigarettes and therefore are not allowed to be smoked in a tent or hall.
12.Dogs are not allowed in the halls or tents.

13. Halls only to be used between the months of October to April.

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